Government Services Department
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Apply For Our Services

Welcome to AFZ Government Services portal. Select the service package you wish to apply for and follow these instructions:
  1. Follow the wizard form and fill all the fields.
  2. Review your details at the Confirmation page and click on 'Confirm' to generate a PDF file.
  3. Print the PDF file with high quality laser printer.
  4. Submit it in hard copy, along with all required attachments, to AFZ Government Services.
  • Employment Services use to apply for Entry Permit for new employees.
  • Establishment Card Services use to apply for any service related to Establishment Card.
  • Residency Services use when the applicant either does not have residency or wishes to renew or transfer current residency.
  • Cancellation Services use to apply for cancellation of entry permit or residency per-mit.
  • Amendment Services use to update details of existing entry permit or residency permit because of job title change, new passport, etc.
  • Official Letter Services use to request official letters from AFZ to other entities.

  • Information On Our Services

  • General Information general information for AFZ Government Service.
  • System Requirements list of necessary system requirement to use this service.
  • Privacy Policy AFZ's Privacy Policy format.
  • Terms of Use AFZ's Terms of Use format.
  • Training Registration To schedule Training for AFZ Customers.